Saturday, May 25, 2013

Official Friday

If I could count how many times I've said I've officially returned to seafever for good, I'd probably say something like..around 5 maybe? 6 times? I've probably claimed that I'm officially back on seafever for good around 6 times, and I apologize for being unfaithful every single time. However, 7th time is the charm, I suppose. Because I got some good shit coming my way, and rather exciting too!

1. One of my other blogger friends said she'd be very willing to photograph me (hooray!)

2. I'm going to Europe for about 3 weeks. 3 weeks. 3 fucking weeks. Do you know what that means? Europe outfits!

This is all very exciting, I know. You're thrilled.

And with that news I leave you with what I did this confused, rainy/sunny Portland afternoon with my lovely friend, Abby.

Spending a majority of the day in South East, Portland, we did lots of thrifting and ended the day at this neat little place, The Pied Cow. We got some of the best tea I've ever had, ever. It's called Madame Du Berry (like the mistress from Marie Antoinette, but sub the "A" for an "E" to make it more tea appropriate) It's essentially a black tea blend with lavender and sage and it is fucking awesome.
We split a marionberry pie, and mind you this was my first time eating marionberry anything, and I think it's safe to assume I was deflowered in the best way possible. It was a grade A slice of pie.

Good job, Pied Cow. Good Job.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Here I go again, ripe with neglect. I've had such a busy past couple of weeks, and I know that's not an excuse because I still find time to waste on the internet where it could be spent wisely turning this into something, you know, worth it?

Well let's try and change everything! Support? Yeah? Cool, thanks guys.

Here's a little something since I've been gone
(cameo cut out dress, yaya sweater, vintage bag, h&m chain)

That's all I got, hopefully you still care about me. I need to badger my friends about shooting me more. 


photos by the lovely Xavier Ness

Monday, February 18, 2013

(coffee and pistachio macarons)

Had a bit of time to kill before I had to be at the gallery today, so I stopped by one of my new favorite spots in Portland, The Pearl Bakery located on 9th and CouchPretty much any place that carries Parisian macarons (and is actually good at them) has me sold. Such lovely little delicious things.

Thursday, February 14, 2013